Simple and Savory!


Sitting down with family and enjoying a delicious, home-cooked meal is a joy that I want everyone to experience! My handcrafted seasoning blends are designed to help you do just that–prepare delicious meals to enjoy with family and friends!

Each blend is complete, meaning you don’t NEED to add salt and other spices–unless you really WANT to! I make each bottle by hand with as many organic ingredients as possible–and I use these blends for my family and friends–they are battle tested!

The Gem City of Dayton, Ohio has so much to offer, that’s why my original blend is named after my city. The Gem City Blend is the original blend and the beginning of this entire line. It is savory with hints of sweet and smoky–a complete blend. Try one or more of my blends today–I put my name on them!